Custom Hurricane Windows

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Install our custom-designed hurricane windows and obtain 24-hour hurricane protection, avoiding the hassle of putting up and taking down storm panels. With our lines of windows and doors you not only obtain hurricane protection, you also protect yourself and your family against burglaries. Hurricane windows are built with a PVB interlayer sealed in between two layers of glass which makes break-ins difficult. 


Open Style: N/A

Window Frame: Aluminum

Surface Finishing: Powder Coating

Glass Type: 5+12A+5mm double glass

Standard: USA Miami Dade, NOA

Hardware: N/A



We have a wide range of aluminium window and door systems; Suitable for commercial, residential, leisure and healthcare applications. 


  • 50mm frame depth
  • 22mm insulated glass
  • 1.5mm extruded aluminium thickness
  • 100μPowder coating thickness
  • German hardware for 10 years warranty.
  • The top tilt position allows draft-free ventilation and offers total rain protection.
  • Egress opening and ease of cleaning


Window Options

  • A range of glazing options to achieve higher thermal performance
  • Can fit with a retractable fly screen for maximum view
  • Can be in an anodized coating for corrosion environment
  • Federation or Colonial glazing bars
  • A variety of window style configurations


Window Colors

Superhouse chooses high-quality powder coated aluminium for its strong and durable finish, to provide 10-20 years of quality satisfaction. We offer a standard range of colours to choose from or can create a custom colour to suit your individual design needs.


Window Sizes

Superhouse believe that Australian homes come in all shapes and sizes, which means that the windows in these homes also vary in shape and size. That’s why we design and build windows based on your specific requirements. So whether it’s a big home, a small home, a traditional or contemporary home, we have a solution that is just right for you.

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